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To help things run more smoothly for everyone, please take a moment to read. Thank you! 
Please Share the Love, not the Germs!
Cold and Flu season has begun. Are you feeling "flu-ish, feverish, kinda off, a cold, sinus pain/infection, nausea, or "coming down with something"...? If so, then it's not the time to push on through. 
Honour your body, your fellow students and our teachers by not sharing your sickness with us. Please stay home and rest until all symptoms have cleared. Drink lots of liquids, get plenty of rest and wash your hands frequently. Do some gentle Yoga Tune Up® self care on your own until all your symptoms have passed. As there is a 24hour cancellation policy, if you are feeling ill, please reschedule your appointment or class reservation online or via App ASAP. 
Water: Please bring your own water to classes. Filtered tap water is available to refill your bottles.
Class Reservations/Cancellations/Waitlists: all classes require pre-registration. (no walk-ins please). Sign up online through or using the mind body App. Download Mindbody Connect App here. 
If you cannot make it to class, it is very important for everyone to please cancel your reservation ASAP either online or via the App so you can open up a spot for someone else. Wait lists are enabled and when someone cancels, waitlisted clients are signed up automatically and emailed confirmation of their reservation. Please note classes are subject to change based on attendance
Late to Class/Early to Leave: the Warmup, Cooldown and Savasana, are equally vital parts to classes. Please arrive 5 minutes before class so as not to delay or disrupt classes from starting on time. I will be making more effort to begin and end on time so that all students can be there for the full duration of the classes including Warmup/Cooldown or Savasana. If you arrive late, please slip in quietly and join the class without disrupting the students or the teacher. 
Respecting Savasana: Savasana is an essential part of all Yoga and Yoga Tune Up® classes. If you must leave early, please leave before your fellow students have begun to settle down for Savasana. Keep in mind that students are practicing deep relaxation which requires complete stillness and quiet in the entire studio.
Membership extensions: please note the maximum extension for travel/illness is 4 month membership is 10 days, for 12 month membership is 30 days.  All memberships Auto-Renew unless 30 days notice is given before the end of the contract

Mindbody Online Account profile: To help me serve you better, please make sure all of your info is up to date in your online profile. That includes all phone numbers, medical information, liability waiver signed, billing info (credit card is safely stored), email and mailing address, etc. Arrivals:  The studio opens 15 minutes before all classes. If the sign is on the door- the studio is open. As a courtesy to all and for safety reasons, please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts. This is to ensure everyone is set up and ready for class to begin on time.  If there's an occasional, unforseen circumstance and you are slipping in late, please do so without disrupting others. If space needs to be made for you, please wait for an appropriate time to enter, so as not to interrupt the class or other participants.  

Safety: Please open the Main door with caution as there are often people behind it putting on their shoes.

Storage: To maximize space, please hang coats and store bags in closet. Please do not bring bags or cell phones into classes.

Parking: When entering Montgomery Street, if you need to turn around, please use the studio driveway. Whenever possible please park in driveway for group classes. Should fit 3-4 cars if everyone pulls in.

Schedule changes/cancellations:  Please note that classes with low or no attendance may be cancelled or changed.  If a class must be cancelled last minute, due to an emergency, weather, etc, you will be notified by email.  

Studio Closures: A list of studio holidays and closures will be posted on the website. Accounts may be adjusted for any unforseen closures outside of these, on a case by case basis. If stormy weather is expected, decision to close will be made the night before and will be posted on the mindbody online scheduler. 

 Studio holidays:

New Years Day (until first Monday in January)
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Victoria Day
Canada Day
Regatta Day

Studio Maintenance (in August 5 days)

Labour Day
Thanksgiving Day
Remembrance Day
Christmas Day
Boxing Day

Studio & class Etiquette 

Please turn off your cell phone during classes.
Whisper Zone: When entering the studio and while in class, please keep voices quiet so as not to disrupt the other participants or the instructor.  
Zen Zone: While a good exhale, excited squeal, or occasional giggle is completely normal, and welcomed, the shrill ring of cell phones or excessive running commentary, can be distracting to your fellow classmates and instructor. Please try to keep any excess noise to a minimum.  
Set your Intention: Life is hectic and the studio is a place to escape the busy-ness of daily schedules. Please enter quietly and try to settle down quickly. Greet your friends and then set up relax, breathe and reflect on your Sankalpa, or perhaps roll out until class starts.  
Studio Props & Equipment: If using studio props such as blankets, blocks, and straps please return them to the shelves in the way that you found them. Blankets should be folded properly so they are ready for the next person to use. Please spray and wipe equipment, props and mats/ Please leave mats out to dry for the next person.  

Scent Free: Please refrain from wearing strong scents to the studio.

Peanut Free: Please avoid bringing Peanuts to the studio as there are clients with severe allergies.

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