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"Great game of golf, especially the back nine! I actually felt much better and noticed a big difference in my overall body movement. Most limber I felt in a long time. Says a lot for Pilates and especially for you! You are very dedicated and you should be proud of your "personal" approach to training. Chris, Business Owner.

"I feel so much better physically that I almost forget that I had so much discomfort throughout the day.  I am now largely pain-free, with just a little bit of work yet to do on that front.  This after trying the Canadian Back Institute for three years, unsuccessful gym work on my own for a year – all of which had minimal impact on the pain front. I am also generally much stronger.  The first time I realized this was when I reached up, and without a thought, pulled down the hatchback on the car.  No struggling, no pain, just whoosh! Down it came – I was thrilled.  I can bring the recycling boxes upstairs without pulling a back muscle, and I can garden without taking Motrin the next day.  Moving around the world is much, much easier. I also have various unmentionable benefits.  One of them is bladder control after abdominal surgery.  Kegels were only partly successful - Pilates did the trick. My shape has changed wonderfully.  I now fit clothes I couldn’t get into last year. My husband can give a whole-hearted endorsement of this improvement! Thank you for your wonderful teaching.  I like your attention to detail, and the way you deal with each body as its own unique creation.  You are able to combine a relaxed, personal approach with exemplary professionalism.  You also make me laugh, which I like.  (Jokes are important!) Here’s to the next year, and the one after…Sandra, Retired

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“Claire is a gifted teacher. She is patient, gentle, encouraging, skilled, warm and creative. She has taught me so much about my body and my physical abilities. I did not enjoy nor was I good at athletics. I was very uncomfortable in my body and felt anxious doing exercise. I always thought I was weak. After Claire encouraged me to try different exercises and told me that she knew I could do it, I learned that I could. I have never injured myself and I have been with Claire for three years now. She is conscientious and careful to avoid injuries. She is thorough and pays attention to detail. She spends time explaining things you don't understand and comes up with creative images and instructions to teach exercises.”  Yasemin, Physician.

"After a year of hip pain and on a long wait list for a new hip - I needed help.  I wanted pain relief and I wanted to be in the best shape to cope with recovery.  Claire worked with me to keep the pain at a minimum. She was innovative, patient and conscientious in the programming she provided. We worked long and hard and had a lot of fun. So I had my hip replaced 6 weeks ago and am pain free!  I had a glowing report from my doctor. He was very pleased with my progress, so much so that I did not have to attend physiotherapy.  The credit for my progress goes to Claire and we’re not finished yet..."
(5 months Post-Op) "Hi Claire from Sierra La Laguna, Baja Mexico. Walked 10 hours one day and six hours another day to ascend a mountain approximately 6000 feet. Thanks Claire. I couldn't have done it without you."
Susan, Retired

"I was referred to Claire for rehabilitative work after a car accident. Honestly she is to be credited with the progress that I have made, along with the hard work that I have done.  Claire has been an integral part of my recovery, and she has been an extremely important part of my continuum of care.  I cannot imagine continuing with my rehab without her involvement." Gail, Masters Social Work, Program Director.

“The accident totaled my car and my dreams of traveling and becoming active again. Thanks to Pilates, my willingness to patiently work at it, and Claire’s expert guidance; body, mind, and spirit have begun to heal; a graceful lightness has returned to my step, and it’s enough to make me dance with joy!” Cathy, MVA Rehab client.

“I have taken many Pilates classes around the globe and the most enjoyable classes I have taken have been with you. You take the time to get to know your clients and you also let us get to know you. You have instilled a love of Pilates that has made me recommend it to many, many people. The instructor is what makes a class what it is and you are outstanding!”   Meredith, Teacher.

Claire Miller

Studio owner & certified movement educator

Certified Movement Educator & Owner of New Found Movement Claire Miller Murphy has been teaching for 25 years.

While attending Professional Dance Teacher Training College and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Claire became intrigued with the study of movement education and body mechanics. She went on to teach dance at several studios in Toronto and to become fully certified in Pilates, Yoga Tune Up®, Roll Model® Method, Hatha Yoga and Zumba.


Her passion for deeper understanding of human biomechanics drives her to continue to study the most cutting edge training available. She is currently the only certified Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model Method® Teacher in Atlantic Canada and is working towards teacher training designation.

A dancer first, Claire endeavors to take classes and perform whenever the opportunity arises. She is currently performing several times a year with Army of Sass, St. John's. Combining her passion for dance with her endless study of movement she is thrilled to contribute to the Dance Community. She has developed a Conditioning for Dancers Program, which includes a specialty class and workshop series for dancers and movement teachers. Claire is thrilled to be on faculty at numerous dance studios in St. John’s and across the Island.

Practicing preventative health care and having learned to heal from her own injuries through chiropractic, massage, corrective exercise and myofascial release, Claire offers a variety of highly effective restorative programming and receives client referrals from Chiropractors, Doctors, Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists. Her students range from 10 to 102 and she enjoys sharing her education and experience with them all.

Claire is known for providing a “personal touch” to all her classes by tailoring them to suit her students’ needs.  She teaches with infectious excitement and is thrilled that there is always more to learn!